Take the test: How much do you know about press freedoms?


A free and vocal press informs, opens dialogue, makes our voices heard, and holds those in power — leaders, businesses, institutions, and governments — accountable.

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has created a Protect Press Freedoms website to alert citizens to the challenges confronting a free press in the United States.

The website offers an interesting quiz to test your knowledge of the free press in the United States, and offers suggestions on actions the average citizen can take to protect their First Amendment rights. Among the suggestions: Support your local newspaper.

If our free press is silenced, American freedom no longer exists.

You have a right to be informed, no matter what kind of information is important to you.

But right now, your right to know what’s happening in the world around you is being threatened. These threats come in many forms, but one of the biggest is taking your right to know for granted.

What would America become without access to the information that is crucial to our daily lives? We’re already losing access to some of it. Learn more about the threats and how you can protect your right to know. Because to remain free, we must be informed.

How much do you now about press freedoms?

Test your knowledge of press freedoms in the United States.