Projects We Support

Our primary goal is to provide financial assistance to address the current shortcomings and challenges faced by today’s newsrooms – challenges created by the traditional business model that relies on paid advertising to determine the extent a newsroom is able to adequately serve its constituents.

A sample of projects we’ll consider include general newsroom funding; support for specific projects or coverage; subsidizing the cost of a reporter or intern; enhancement of newsroom equipment or technology, and more.

Good reporting costs money, and the CSJ Foundation is stepping in to provide support and assistance.

Additional grant requests will be considered to fund a variety of projects and programs, such as:

  • Community discussion, roundtables or public forums to engage citizens and discuss public issues;
  • Projects/efforts that teach and promote civil dialogue within a community;
  • Journalism education at the elementary and college level;
  • Civics instruction in the classroom.

In addition, general donations and undesignated corporate and institutional giving to the CSJ Foundation will support a general fund that provides grants to local news organizations based in the United States, including nonprofit or for-profit. Along with the overall strength of a proposed project, priority will be given based on financial need and impact, and the news organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Contact the foundation to inquire about support for your specific project that meets our mission and objectives.