How do I apply for funding?

We request that an initial letter of inquiry be sent to the foundation. This letter should briefly explain the project to be funded and background on the mission and history of the organization requesting the funding.

We review letters of inquiry frequently, and review them to see how well the projects and organization match up with the foundation’s mission and focus. Our primary focus is to support local journalism as well as projects that promote civic engagement, civil discussion and journalism education.

After the review, we will send you an e-mail that either invites you to submit a full proposal, or explains why we are not interested in funding the request.

There are no restrictions on how often you may submit a funding request and we do not have deadlines as part of our standard grant-making process (you can submit a letter of inquiry at any time).

Email letters of inquiry to, or send your letter to the Community Service Journalism Foundation, P.O. Box 5991, Peoria, Arizona, 85385.